Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fair Share is available!

Fair Share is now available in the iTunes App Store. It isn't showing up in searches yet but you can get to the page directly via this link.

Fair Share allows you to quickly figure out your tip and split your bill when dining out.

While providing a simple interface to allow for fast calculation of simple tips, Fair Share also can help you easily divide the bill and account for the different items your party has ordered.

Fair Share provides two entry modes to suit your personal preference.

In Subtractive mode, exception items (such as drinks or desserts) can be assigned to members of your party and the remainder of the bill is automatically split evenly.

In Summation mode, you input and assign all of the items in your bill and the subtotal is calculated for you.

The summary screen reports each person's appropriate share including tax and tip. Group your diners, and a total for each group is also provided.

Standard rounding functions are also available to round each person's share for ease of payment at the table.

Please check out the demo on YouTube to see its features!


me said...

Do you have the capability for the app to remember names you typed in before (so you don't have to keep retyping the same people) or allow you to pick names out from your address book?

jhsu said...

The app does remember names you typed before. Names that are in the system but are not assigned to items have no effect. It's expected that people tend to eat with the same people so the names can be left where they are and just selected each time.

Address book integration is planned to come in a feature version.

Lawmune said...

See my article: Fair Share, possibly the best iPhone tip calculator and bill splitter

The said...

What does "Mirror" in the Adjustments field mean? No Adjustment, Round to Nearest, Round Up and Round Down are self-explanatory but how is Mirror different from No Adjustment?

jhsu said...

Mirror mode is a "security/paranoia" system. It calculates your tip so that your final total will be a palindrome. If your bill is $43.19, it will bump it up to $43.34. The purpose is if you're worried about someone changing your receipt afterwards, then when you review your credit card statement, any non-palindrome values will be apparent.

The.Tanster said...

Nifty. Maybe you should name it "Palindrome" which would be more self-explanatory. "Mirror" isn't as intuitive. Just my two cents.