Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dominion Kingdom Deck Preview

My second iPhone app, Dominion Kingdom Deck, is a setup utility for the board/card game Dominion by Donald X. Vaccarino.

A preview is up on its product page. It is currently in review and hopefully will be available within a week.

DKD is meant primarily for fans of Dominion who own one or more of the expansions to Dominion.

There are two main problems players start to face as the as the number of setup cards starts to grow:
  1. Properly shuffling a stack of 75+ cards becomes more and more tedious.
  2. Having a "poor" distribution of card costs becomes more frequent.
For the first, a quick tap and DKD pulls up a list of 10 cards. Optionally sort this list by cost and/or expansion. Don't like a card? Swipe its row to replace it.

For the second, DKD offers an toggle-able option to guarantee that there is at least 1 card of cost 2, 3, 4 and 5 in the draw with the remaining 6 cards random as usual.

Other features of Dominion Kingdom Deck include:
  • All currently published cards included.
  • Fully configurable to select which expansions to use.
  • Custom card and card set editor.
  • Save interesting or favorite lists for quick reference.

Dominion Kingdom Deck will be donation-ware. It will be free to download and use with no restrictions. In a future update, an in-app store will be enabled to allow users who find the app useful to donate an amount of their choice to show their appreciation.

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