Friday, January 12, 2007

Axiotron Modbook

A company called Axiotron has created a Mac tablet called the Modbook. The previews and reviews from MacWorld look promising. It is an Apple Macbook that the company has modified with a new case and screen. The internals are all Apple. The tablet functionality is from Wacom. It looks like it would certainly fulfill a market that Apple has decided to skip for now.

From the various descriptions I've read, it sounds like Axiotron is buying completed Macbooks from Apple, maybe getting a bulk discount, and then disassembling and using the appropriate parts to create the Modbook.

Here's my question. What are they doing with the leftover parts? Are the old keyboard and screen being sold as spare parts? This looks like a great product, but buying whole Macbooks (as opposed to motherboards or what not) just seems so wasteful.

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