Thursday, January 18, 2007

Total Off-the-wall Random Speculation

I'm a fan of shows like Lost, Heroes and 24 where there's the big conspiracy or mystery and part of the show is finding out what the twists are. It seems like a popular pasttime is to try to figure out the twists before they happen. I find myself falling into this also, but, lately, it seems like people are just coming up with absurd theories for the sake of making theories.

"What's with the numbers?" "Who is Sylar?" "Who's the CTU mole?"

Have we seen so much TV - are ideas so recycled - that it's necessary to try and guess the plot before it happens? Part of me feels that people who make up outlandish theories just want the satisfaction of being able to say "I was right" on the off-chance that it comes to pass. Part of me is starting to want people to shut up and see what happens as it unfolds.

Anyhow, in season 6 of 24, Wayne Palmer is now president. He is the brother of former president David Palmer. I recently read a side-comment on TWOP that questioned how he managed to become president and what his qualifications were for running a country.

So, in a fit of free-association from that thought, my uber-outlandish theory is that it doesn't make any sense for Wayne to be president. Season 6 actually isn't real. Jack isn't free and is actually still in a Chinese prison. The events of season 6 are all in his head as a fantasy to deal with his incarceration and torture. Or alternately, it's a kind of hypnosis by the Chinese to get him to spill State secrets. Oh yeah, and Patrick Duffy is in the shower and Roseanne's an aspiring novelist.

There you go. In 4 months, I'll have a very small, but non-zero chance of saying, "Called it."

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