Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dominion Kingdom Deck 1.0.1 released and errata

Dominion Kingdom Deck version 1.0.1 is available on the App Store. This version adds a "shake to shuffle" option and a "require a reaction card if an attack card is present" option. You can toggle both of these in preferences.

It has also been pointed out to me that I made a mistake in my default data. The Haven card for Seaside should have a cost of 2, not 4. I'll correct this in a future release, but in the meantime, you can fix it yourself using the set editor.

Enter preferences and scroll down to the "Editable Card Sets" section. Toggle the switch next to Seaside to on.
Then go back to main menu and view card sets. Tap the Edit button at the upper right and then enter Seaside.
Here, find Haven and tap it, then change the cost to 2. Now just back out and Haven will be updated.
You can go back to preferences and turn Seaside's editable setting back off if you like.

Thanks again to everyone that's downloaded. Dominion Kingdom Deck is now in the top 6 for the search term "Dominion".

A special thanks to those who also took the time to rate and review! I definitely appreciate the comments.


Stefano said...

I really like Dominion Kingdom Deck, it makes the setup easier.
I have just a little concern: I'm Italian so the application for me is in Italian. Unfortunately I have bought the Rio Grande edition of all expansions, so I would like to have the card in english even if my phone is in Italian.
Can you please add in the next version an option to change the card text? Thank you

jhsu said...

No problem. I'll add that to the list for the next release. No promises on when that next release will happen though.

Travis said...

Any plans for getting alchemy, specifically with the 3-5 card requirement, implemented? This is a great app, but with alchemy out I haven't been able to use it anymore.

jhsu said...

Yep. Alchemy is planned for the next release which should be pretty soon. Also card language selection that Stefano requested.

Travis said...

Great that's good news. One other thing I thought about, are you planning on it being choose alchemy or not, or will there be a setting so that IF an alchemy card is drawn then it forces the 3-5 card rule, but it could still leave sets without it? That would be nice as well.