Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dominion Kingdom Deck 1.2

DKD 1.2 should be released shortly.

It has two new features.
  • Ability to select your card language independent of your iPhone's system language. So those who have Italian or German phones can now get English lists.
  • Alchemy data and support for Alchemy selection rules (enable these in preferences).
    The game creators recommend using 3-5 Alchemy cards mixed in with other sets. The Alchemy selection rules will first randomly determine whether a hand will use Alchemy or not based on the proportion of Alchemy cards to other cards and then draw appropriately.
    The point of this method is to make Alchemy cards appear about as often as they would normally, but be grouped together.
    For example, in a normal distribution, you may get 1 Alchemy card each in 3 different 10 card lists. This algorithm should statistically give you 3 Alchemy cards in 1 list and no Alchemy cards in the 2 others.

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