Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dominion Kingdom Deck 1.2 bug fix

DKD 1.2 is out! Unfortunately, there are reports coming in of the app crashing during the data upgrade step. I'm still working on figuring out the cause.

If you don't have any saved data (lists or custom cards) that you care about, then the fastest way to get past this problem is to delete the app and reinstall it from the app store. This will clear all of your existing data.

If you have a lot of data saved up, then contact me at and I'll work on figuring out the problem and getting you an adhoc version to get past the problem.


Travis said...

Do you have a timeline for the prosperity update?

jhsu said...

I have most of the work for Prosperity done. There are a few bugs I'm investigating. I expect to submit to Apple after this weekend.

Josh Derksen said...

Love this app!

Cornucopia is out now though; any plans for an update?

Henkemeyer said...

Jhsu, are you still around??? We need cornucopia support! Pleeeeease

jhsu said...

Hey guys. I'm still here. Cornucopia support will be coming soon.

diversionArchitect said...

Jhsu, your app is easily the best. We're currently not using my Cornucopia unless we're replacing cards- so really looking forward to the Cornucopia update.

-Also this may not be a feature you're planning, but since you have the best customization, I was wondering if you'd consider adding:

A way for users to add their own Randomization options. (like Require cards with costs 2-5, or Require Defense for Attack)I'll give you two examples:

Attack Cards- (just because other apps have them)
Since players may not want to use all attacks (Sabateur is particularly mean) or consider other cards as attacks (For us: Possession, Tribute and Embargo) allowing customization, would be awesome.

Trash Outlet- (Allows you to trash/get rid of cards)
---------Listing Trash Outlets------------
Ambassador, Apprentice, Bishop, Chapel, Expand, Forge, Remake, Remodel, Salvager, Steward, Trade Route, Trading Post, Transmute, Upgrade

(we don't include treasure-only trashes or masquerade, due to it adding a lot of randomness, in this list)

diversionArchitect said...

I just realized you can make your own sets- I just added cornucopia in myself very quickly & updated my review to point this out.

This is huge for me! I really wish I would have known I could do this a month ago lol!

I recommend you point out that this is possible so people waiting on the next version will update the app themselves. So happy I noticed your page on the 'haven' fix

NickDanger said...

"Soon". June 24. It's now Oct.11th. Sorry that is not "Soon". Maybe life has gotten busy and you can't put the time in. A quick post to say so would help. I think I'll wait until the 30th, and then I'll have to pay for the competition. I would have paid for this, but then updates would have to be more timely.